The Nature of a Software Inspection Procedure

16 Mar

Software inspection is the process of a team of fellow programmers going through a developed application or program, in an attempt to find any faults present, by the use of a preset procedure. It has a lot to do with the analysis of the presented software. This is one of the review steps that have to be undertaken when a program is developed. The result is a product that the experts have deemed fit for use and can thus be taken to the next level. For the inspection to commence, there shall be a product identified and brought to the group who shall join forces in going through its various aspects. There shall be one person elected as the leader of the team. Each will pick on a given area or problem to go through and present to the group. There shall thus be no fault left out unattended to. As long as there are still faults in the program, it shall not be approved. All the noted faults shall be recorded and signed off by the inspectors.

These procedures came into being a while after software development was a reality. The procedures in use have since been updated to keep up with the evolution of software. The aim all along has always to ensure that no software released for use is defective or does not meet the preset standards. Click here to learn more!

The procedure for inspection has certain general steps to it. There has to be scheduling of the meeting, which the mediator arranges for. Then the one in charge will outline the issue at hand in the first meeting. There shall be time for everyone to prepare for the work at hand by pointing out potential problem areas. This will be followed by a more detailed look at all the areas and dimensions of the product, as the faults are pointed out. The developer will then take it and go work on all the mentioned defects. It shall then be presented in a follow-up meeting to determine whether there still exists any other faults. If there are none, the mediator shall deem the procedure's objective attained. Click here to read more!

The software developer is usually referred to as the author. The moderator remains the one in charge, referred to as the chief of the inspection. They will handle the preparations and run the exercise throughout. The reader is a team member who is currently going through the documents as the rest point out the defects. An inspector is whoever will be looking into the software to see which fault has been mentioned. Know more about programming at

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